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Inventing is a teachable, semi-formalisable process
Expanding the space of ideas and then picking the best bits
Having diverse people expands the space more
It involves turning down your inner policeman / editor
It involves mashing ideas together
It involves the interplay between people
Wild ideas freely given
Needs a fun, trusting atmosphere
Nothing is wrong
It involves valuing half an idea
You need to establish trust in order to form your half-ideas and share them
It's not about the cleverest ideas but the quickest
  Don't sweat it
You have to believe the cards and do what they say
  You have to hurl yourself at the cards
"Decoding a transmission from the Id"
You need to have the confidence to risk it - throwing yourself at the idea
You need the confidence that you can make things from these things
  Yours but also others' experience
  Suck in the confidence of the (other) smart people (who have different skills and knowledge)
Different kinds of cards
  Oblique tells you to do something
  Inventotron tells you to think something
  Catwigs leads you through a checklist
Understanding the potential of new tools
Ideas concreted by the mental tools in front of you
Which can be symbolised by words on cards